Am I ungrateful?!?!?

This blog post was written by Pooja Shah, PsyD.


During the month of November we easily recall what it is we are grateful for. Much of this has to do with the holidays arriving and of course Thanksgiving. However, what happens if you are struggling with finding something to be grateful for.

First thing to know is…this is not uncommon.

When the holidays approach us that is when we begin to reevaluate our lives and ourselves. Much of this has to do with upcoming family gatherings, where we realize that various parts about our lives will be questioned. Our loved ones will ask us “How is the job going?” “Did you get that promotion?” “How are the kids?” “Did they make the honor roll?” “Oh they might have ADD?” “Your hours were cut?” “Are you not qualified?” “Did you put on weight?”

Moments and questions like these often lead us to feel ungrateful rather than grateful. So how do you survive the holidays? You prepare. Prepare by answering all the questions you know your relatives will ask and ask yourself are you happy with the answer. If not, what stood in your way, and what is your new goal. When you create a goal remember that it must be realistic and attainable. Ask yourself, is that why you were not able to attain the goals you had set out the previous year? Take time to identify any positive changes or anything that brings you hope. Remember to keep it simple.

When we are struggling with finding gratitude it is important to remember the small things in life that really matter and make you feel good.

Once you have done that, continue to recall those pleasant events every time you experience resentment or feel ungrateful.

If you are struggling with finding pleasant events, click the link below.


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