Losing Connection in the Age of Information

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Losing Connection in the Age of Information

timthumbApril 17, 2014  • By Pooja Shah, PsyD, Existential Psychotherapy Topic Expert Contributor

As a psychologist, I find myself extremely interested in observing—observing the world, observing people and animals, observing how we interact and connect to others. We often forget to take time to observe the world and how we fit into it; unlike our canine friends, we rarely stop to smell the roses (and other things). I believe this to be especially true today, more so than at any other time in history. In a world of Twitter, Instagram, selfies, and constant attachment to media, we have struggled to find true connection and meaning in relationship to ourselves and the world.

There is a video going around on social media of a woman engaging in different activities, such as hiking, bowling, dining with friends, etc. As she is doing...

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