Your emotions and expectations impact how you see the world

This blog post was written by Pooja Shah, PsyD.


Are your eyes sore? Are they feeling heavy? Are they comfortable? Light? Dark?

If you woke up today and your eyes were feeling heavy, how does that impact your day. How will that change how you view things. You may see with strain and exhaustion, and analytically, you may see things as a burden. If your eyes are feeling light, you may feel a sense of ease. 

How do emotions change how we view the world? If you are feeling depressed, you will most likely see the world only through that lens. For example, you wake up and the milk spoiled, the dog peed on the floor and your gas light went on in the car, through the “eyes” of someone who is depressed you may experience and see this as the world being against you, everything going wrong, and always getting the short end of the stick, it will impact your entire day. However, for someone not experiencing depression, they may see this as bump along the road that they just need to take care of, and they most likely will not think about it again.

Depression and many psychological difficulties are genetic and neurologic based. However, a small component of it is also how we choose to respond to the experience. If you are struggling with depression and you continue to wear your depression “lens” then the negative experience will continue to intensify and feel bad; however, if you are depressed and you try to wear a different lens, even if only for an hour, you will start to see that by having on the different lens, things started to feel slightly different, maybe even better.

So, the next time you are sad, angry, frustrated, depressed, anxious, or whatever other emotion you are experiencing try to change the lens you are wearing, even if only for a short period of time. 

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