If you find yourself asking the question how, coaching is a great place for you to start. As your coach I will work with you to help you recognize your goals and potential. The coaching relationship is collaborative and you will find that we would be working together to help you find solutions. Coaching has been shown to be effective because it focuses on action producing results. If you feel like your goals are unattainable coaching hopes to help you discover way to make them attainable.

Healthy Lifestyle

 My healthy lifestyle coaching is great for individuals who are feeling stuck and looking for a way to move towards a healthier lifestyle of balanced diet, exercise and positive choices. Together we will work on coming up with a unique plan with specific steps and plans to help you reach your goals. The reason most individuals fail with diets is because diets make you believe that good health is temporary. Working together we will work to find solutions that will help you feel healthy without feeling deprived. We will work to help you find balance in your life.

Reach Your Potential

This is a great program for individuals who are feeling stuck with day-to-day routine and creativity. Often we find ourselves going through motions, existing, rather than living. With life coaching we will work together to help you recognize your old patterns and create new ones to start living. Together I will help you list out your goals and create specific plans for what you would like to achieve. Many individuals do not live to their full potential. Reasons for this are endless but most often it is related to fear and lack of motivation. I will work with you to help you recognize your strengths and values, in hopes of helping you understand your fears and lack of motivation and find new ways to move forward.


If you are thinking about switching careers or feel stuck at your current job, I may be able to help. Together we can explore your career options and what your career hopes are. If necessary, you can take some career assessments. In addition, we will explore your strengths and values and explore ways to optimize them in your career/job. Most people feel stuck in their job because the are not optimizing their strengths, identifying and using your strengths on a daily basis will help lead to an experience of fulfillment in your career/job.  


Loss is something that impacts everyone. Grief coaching helps you work through the loss. We will look at the losses you have experienced and find new ways to understand and think about the loss. 



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